CTE Theatre Arts III

CTE Professional Theatre Arts III Advanced (Capstone) is a capstone course in the Performing Arts Pathway of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector. Drawing on in-depth studies of theatre, acting theory, theatre history, technical theatre, and directing, students will create project based performances in theatre, musical theatre, film and video production. Specific stylistic periods of theatre will be addressed, as well as specific scene study techniques in improv, comedy and drama. Students will participate in live productions, as well as explore the technical aspects of storyboarding, scriptwriting, editing, etc. Additionally, students will prepare audition or direction portfolios, learn business or managerial skills, and develop a professional career plan. This course prepares students to enter post-secondary institutions and satisfies A-G credit completion.


This course is needed to complete the pathway sequence. Additionally, in order to meet the metrics of the college and career readiness indicator and students need to take all A-G credit courses.

*Theatre I/II and teacher approval is a prerequisite to this course.

"The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation.” – Stella Adler