CTE TheatreArts II

CTE Professional Theatre Arts II (Concentrator) is an intermediate course in the Performing Arts Pathway of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector. This course will build on the foundational skills in a variety of technical and performance disciplines to create project-based life performances in theatre and musical theatre. Students will explore portfolio preparation for live and film/video performance. Students will also be introduced to the business/managerial careers associated with live theatrical performance. Specifically, this course requires students to draw on their fundamental acting, play analysis, scene study, monologue, and performance skills and moves them through more rigorous application of these skills in devised work, improvisation, and analysis of more advanced/diverse professional productions. Students will continue to develop skills that apply to all areas of employment. Those skills include, but are not limited to: confidence, creativity, collaboration, communication, and commitment. With a concentration both on the intermediate techniques of acting and the more practical side of preparation, this course is applicable for both those who want to break into the acting world and those who want to reach their maximum potential in their professional lives.


This course prepares students to enter post-secondary institutions and satisfies A-G credit completion. This course is needed to complete the pathway sequence. Additionally, in order to meet the metrics of the college and career readiness indicator and students need to take all A-G credit courses.

"The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it is so accidental.  It's so much like life."   - Arthur Miller