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CTE Stage Technology Pathway


The Stage Technology Pathway is a hands-on, practical, and technical class where students engage in professional level skills utilized in the professional entertainment industry.   The pathway explores the duties of stage technicians (non-actors) and their contribution to the total aesthetic effect of a dramatic production.  In their studies, students will discover the wide range of knowledge demanded by theatre technicians and develop personally as they apply their new found knowledge in classroom activities. This course enriches student’s awareness, collaboration skills, and self-confidence, enabling them to build a foundation for future arts development. The Stage Technology Pathway provides for diverse learning styles and capabilities and allows students to experience the joy that comes from artistic communication.  Common Core State Standards and Career Technical Education Standards align with each unit and include safety, communication, technology, ethics, and career planning skills



CTE Stage Technology is concentrator course preparing students for careers or post-secondary education in the CTE Production and Managerial Arts pathway.  This course will train students in the use and management of various elements of technical production during a dance, music, or theatrical performance.  These elements include the rigging and movement of sets, scenery and lighting equipment, the use of computerized switching systems for lighting and sound, the management and distribution of stage properties, stage production management, marketing, copyright and intellectual property law,  etc.  Students will also be taught to manage the complex support tasks that are involved in a performance.  They will explore apprenticeship, higher education options, career training, and professional placement. 

CTE Advanced Stage Technology (Block 4 only)

CTE Advanced Stage Technology* (Block 4 only) is the culminating/capstone course in the CTE pathway for Stage Technology. The class will build on the skills developed in the Stage Technology Concentrator course to include design in a variety of dance, music, or theatrical performances. Students will use analytical skills to interpret literary material to create a design concept.  Students will be familiar with design elements, drafting techniques, computer software and modeling skills necessary to prepare designs and models of theatrical sets.  They will be trained to interpret mechanical drawings to safely use appropriate power equipment to construct sets based on artist's designs.  They will also become familiar with the diverse array of production materials and techniques used to augment live theatrical production.

*Work above and beyond the school day is a requirement of the course.

Cinema Seats

"Great theater is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to." - Willem Dafoe

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